• Star
    Hello! My name is Teacher Star. I have been teaching English for ten years now. I handle students of all ages and in all levels- from Beginners to Advanced. I can teach Basic English, Conversational English and Business English. They say that the whole purpose of Education is to “Turn Mirrors into Windows”- this is the reason why teaching for me is not just a profession but a mission and calling because I help hundreds of students achieve their goals and see them become successful professionals as well. On my free time, I love to play with my pet dog. I also love singing and hosting on events such as birthdays, weddings and other gatherings. I do biking and attending Aero Zumba classes as well as traveling to different places too. Are you having difficulties in communicating English, comprehending ideas and in reading/speaking vocabulary words? Well, not to worry! With my help, I will make sure youll be able to learn English the easiest way as possible, speak to locals confidently and really develop your English skills. As your teacher, Im going to make sure that you enjoy every class and that you learn something new every time. Be part of my class and together lets LIGHT your journey towards learning English.
  • Pearl
    English Education
    Are you looking for a teacher capable of helping you learn the English language better? Well, I consider myself as one of the potential teachers you are looking for. My name is Pearl. I perceive teaching as a tool to connect two or more different cultures which do not share the same language. As a teacher, it is my goal to promote an environment conducive to learning and better education. I consider my excellent ability in speaking the English language one of the tools to teach my students better in terms of grammar and speaking. Not only that, I am also an approachable, friendly, and open-minded teacher. I always encourage my students to freely speak about their comments, suggestions, and feedback about my teaching. I know that teaching is a two-way process in which both the teacher and the student should share their opinions while learning. With this, I am inviting you to join me in my class and let us learn the language together! See you! Have a good one ahead!
  • Rosalyn
    English Education
    Hello everyone! My name is Rosalyn and I am a teacher by heart. I have been teaching English for 6 years now and all these times I have encountered different people from different age brackets, nationalities and gender. I may have met a lot of individuals but my goal in life is to meet, share and help as many students as I can as long as they are willing to learn the English language. Teaching is my passion and I take that as a great responsibility to make sure that all of my students will not only learn but also enjoy. I always believe that teaching is an act of giving. For my students, I always try my best to deliver a quality class. I believe that I am an understanding and considerate teacher so please expect me to treat you as a friend, brother, sister, niece and nephew during our classes. I want my students to be the best at speaking English. I want them to be competitive enough for the real world. Always remember, “To have another language is to possess a second soul” Speaking a foreign language is like having a second soul I am always excited to see you, lets meet in class. Enjoy your day!
  • T.Camille
    Business Administration
    Hello everyone! Thank you for choosing CHLOENGLISH LANGUAGE AND LEARNING CENTER. My name is teacher Camille. I am a graduate of Bachelor of Science in Business Administration. I was an office girl before, but I decided to leave that career and pursue teaching. I started teaching English last year and since then, I realized how fun it is. My previous students were kids and adults at 40 years old. I am amazed how dedicated they were to learn English and I felt happy helping them. I love reading books, watching movies, and learning different languages that lead me to my real passion which is teaching. I love kids and Im very patient with them. Lets have fun learning English together I hope to see you in my class. Have a great day!
  • April
    English and Literature
    Hi! My name is April. Im a graduate of Bachelor of Science in Secondary Education Major in English and can speak English fluently. I am patient , encouraging , loving and passionate. I have been teaching English since 2001 and have shared creative ideas and experiences to help my student develop their abilities and enjoy the world of English.. I want to help learners improve their pronunciation, intonation, speaking fluency and confidence. I believe that learning should be an exciting and enjoyable process. I also believe that when you are learning you are actually creating " a new and better self ". Im looking forward to share and learn with you. Thank you.
  • Jane
    Good day everybody!!! Thank you for choosing CHLOENGLISH LANGUAGE AND LEARNING CENTER. My name is Teacher JANE and I will be happy helping you improve your English skill. I got a four-year bachelors degree in Journalism. I have been teaching the English language to Koreans as a part time job when I was still a university student up until now. Overall, I have been teaching English for more than 3 years now. I have had classes with students as young as 7 years old, elementary, middle school, high school and university students. I even have adult students as old as 40. What I am trying to say is, I can easily adapt to my students level. I promise to make the class an easier and fun experience for all of you. ^^ Hoping to meet you, not only as your teacher but also as your friend. ^^ Have a great day!!! ^^
  • Mae
    English and Literature
    Hi guys!!!Welcome to CHLOENGLISH LANGUAGE AND LEARNING CENTER.My name is Teacher MAE and Im here to help you improve your English skill in a fun and easy way.Just so you know,I graduated with the degree of Bachelor of Secondary Education major in English and Literature.Im a licensed teacher and a member of the National Organization of Professional Teachers Inc. in the Philippines.I took the Licensure Examination for Teachers last 2005 and Ive been teaching English for 12 years now. I have had students of different nationalities like Japanese,Chinese,Taiwanese,Pakistanis,Iraqis,etc.I must say that teaching English has always been my passion and I am here to help you.My specialization of teaching includes IELTS,TOEFL,TOEIC,GRAMMAR,CONVERSATIONAL ENGLISH,IDIOMS and EXPRESSIONS,READING,WRITING,SPEAKING and a whole lot more for all levels.Looking forward to having classes with all of you,soon.Have a great day!!!!
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